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During our travels we try to take pictures to send to our family and friends, and since we got a scanner we can now place them on the web.We also got a new digital camera which we are really enjoying. Noone is safe.

Faye, Tony & Charlie - At Christmas Florida in front of our Del Sol.

Charlie - Boy he needs a good grooming.

Faye & Charlie - In front of the RV.

Our Bounder - This is our home on wheels.

Charlie and Cody - Derek's dog, Cody and our little Charlie.

Derek, Mom & Dad - At Mammoth Cave National Park.

Heather - Our daughter, Heather.

Our Home - Our home for now at Xmas.

Tony & the Turtle - A turtle Tony found at Xmas.

Derek and Cody - Derek and his dog, Cody.

Our Guarddog, Charlie - In front of the Bounder.

Our Family - Faye, Tony, Heather & Derek

Heather & Faye - Heather and Mom

Our hike to the bottom of the Crater.

Tony & the bird's nest - Tony is putting an umbrella over a dove's nest that has 2 babies in it.