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Faye's Mobile
Computing Guide

I've been into computers as a hobby since we bought a "TRS-80" a long long time ago.
Since then we have owned a Commodore 64 and 128 and then we starting buying Macintoshes when Heather, our daughter started to college. She went to Miami-Dade Community College in Miami, FL. She went to work in the computer lab and they used Macs. So she and I were into Macs for a long time. She is still a Mac person. My son and his wife are into PCs so he has bugged me until I broke down and bought one. I have a Sony desktop now along with a Canon Multipass C5000, which is a color printer, color copier, fax and color scanner. The front passenger seat in our RV is now my computer work station.

You want to get into computing in your RV?

Here is my hand at doing a webpage.

Some links to great computing resources.



Galt Shareware Zone

Dr. Download