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Charlie's Critter Corner

Charlie is our toy poodle. He brings great joy to our lives and is Tony's hiking companion. When we lived in Florida we almost lost him to a vicious dog attack by a Chow that was not properly contained. There are no bad dogs but there are bad owners. Here are Charlie's tips to be a good pet owner.


Helpful Dog Owner Tips

  1. Always clean up after your pet, don't leave messes for others to step in.
  2. Keep your pet on a leash. No matter how friendly your dog is others may be afraid of larger dogs. Make sure you have a secure stake out rope or cable that your dog can't break.
  3. Place a "Beware of Dog" sign somewhere near the door of your camper. It will let others know to becareful. Dogs are territorial by nature and can feel threatened when strangers come around.
  4. Never leave your dog unattended outside, for the dogs sake. Not everyone is nice to animals.
  5. Kennel your dog, it's humane and helps house break new puppies. Get a travel crate that is big enough for the dog when full grown. Place old boxes in the crate when it is a puppy. Provide enough room for the puppy to turn around.
  6. Charlie is a member of the Meaner Weiner Club now. He is in disguise here. You wouldn't recognize him, would you? Didn't you think I would make friends on the Internet too? I mean I"m not chopped liver, you know. I have had all kinds of proposals since this hooman of mine spread my face all over the Net. What is a dog to do? Want to meet my friends? Go to The Meaner Weiner Club House