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We are the Moores. I was born in Homestead, Florida and lived there until I was married in 1961. Tony was born in Macon, Georgia and enlisted in the Air Force in 1959. We met at Homestead AFB at the service club. We both loved to dance. Tony was transferred to Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota in 1961. He then hitchhiked back to Florida and we were married on December 26, 1961. We were 18 and 19 years old. Well, we couldn't afford to get an apartment yet so Tony went back to Grand Forks alone. I stayed at home with mother till April. Then Tony came and got me.

We got to Grand Forks and found an apartment. Now remember I'm from South Florida and I've never seen snow. The first big frost I thought it had snowed. Everyone rolled in the floor laughing at me. When it snowed I knew it. We were there till March 1964. Then we were on our way to Orlando, Florida to McCoy Air Force Base. We had a great time there. We had great landlords who treated us like family. We then got orders for Naha Air Force Base, Okinawa in March 1965

Well I couldn't go again. Tony had to go alone and wait for housing. So I went to Barnesville, Georgia and stayed with Tony's mom until it was time to go. I was anxious to go but I had never flown before. Finally Mom took me to Atlanta to catch my flight. After we left Travis Air Force Base, the next stop was Wake Island. Of course I had a smart aleck sitting across the aisle from me that stated "Oh this is that little island they overshoot sometimes". Boy was I glad to get to Okinawa. We spent five years there. Tony was gone on temporary duty a lot. Both of the children were born there, Derek in 1967 and Heather in 1969. I went to the Phillippines, Bangkok, Taiwan and Japan while we were there and bought many beautiful things. Guess what, Tony received orders for Viet Nam next.

Tony took me Houston, Texas to stay while he was in Viet Nam. I rented an apartment in the same apartment building his mom was living in. She helped me a lot with the kids while he was gone. I piled the babies in our little Volkswagon Bug and headed out for Des Moines, Iowa to visit Tony's sister, Chickie. Tony came home with orders for Hurlburt Field, Florida at Fort Walton Beach, Florida. We bought a house in Niceville, Florida. The kids started to school there. In 1975 Tony received orders for Thailand. I stayed at home again, of course.

Then we were off to Charleston Air Force Base, South Carolina. We were there for four years. Really loved Charleston, so much old history. I was the volunteer coordinator at their school, Lambs Elementary School. We made a lot of good friends there and had a lot of fun. Kids were involved in swim teams and scouting. Then Tony retired in 1980 and we moved back to Niceville.

Tony went to junior college after he retired from the Air Force and then he went to work at the Assisted Living Home in the kitchen and delivered Meals on Wheels. We were very involved with our kid's activities. Derek was involved in the band, soccer and track. Heather was involved in chorus and band.Then they were involved with church activities. Kept us pretty busy.